Echizen Yasutsugu Shodai mumei  katana  Utsushi of the Ataki Sadamune with NBTHK Tokubetsu kicho certificate and NTHK NPO certificate

Here we have an excellent example of the Shodai master Yasutsugu  workmanship made circa Keicho period 1596 - 1615, An amazing blade made in the style of the Ataki Sadamune and is made in the Katakiriba zukuri  style.Very well forged blade with dense Itame hada.Hamon is Bright  suguha that is mixed with ko gunome with ashi and kuichigai ba boshi is sugu with pointed kaeri
Omote is shinogi zukuri with ura side forged in kiriba zukuri, Iori-mune. Blade has excellent horimono for which Yasutsugu is famous on the omote a bohi that ends in marudome above the machi which is followed by a suken and a bonji on the ura a bohi with a  thin hoso hi and followed by a bonji, a rendai, and a kuwagata.mounted in shirasaya
Nagasa 63.0 cm   
Yasutsugu  originally came from Omi prefecture village of Shimosaka, his early works are signed Shimosaka  he later moved to Echizen .Yasutsugu was the the personal sword smith of the Tokugawa
In Keicho year 12, 1607, The year  Tokugawa Hideyasu died at age  33, Shogun Tokugawa Iyeyasu
summoned his sons favourite swordmaker Shimosaka and awarded him the character  from his own name "Yasu" 
, the same character which had also been shared by his departed son, Hideyasu, from then  Shimosaka was known as   yasutsugu.  Tokugawa Iyeyasu 
also awarded  him the right to use  Tokugawa Aoi Mon .Yasutsugu  was required  to attend 
the Bakufu in  Edo every other year so travelled  back and forth between Echizen 
and Edo. Yasutsugu also made many excellent swords for the Honda clan .  Yasutsugu was well known for his utsushi of many great koto blades including tanto by munechika and also blades of the great SadamuneAND Yoshimitsu.  He also retempered many famous blades which were damaged in the fire of Osaka castle.He also introduced the use of western steel  (nanban tetsu) many of his swords have this inscribed in his mei, many of his blades have extremely skillfully carved horimono  he is ranked Jojo saku by fujishiro, there are many Juyo and Tokubetsu Juyo swords made by Yasutsugu.
Yasutsugu died at 68 years in 1621 the 9th of September. 

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