Ieshige Katana
Koto Bishu Osafune Ieshige katana mounted in Kenuki Tachi koshirae with NTHK NPO Certificate
Made Circa (1394-1428)

Katana o-suriage mumei attributed to Bishu Osafune Ieshige. Made in shinogi zukuri style with Iori mune forged in a dense Itame hada with utsuri, the hamon is a very complex active shallow koshi no hiraita that is mixed ko-midare with ashi, this interesting Hamon is characteristic to this school. The boshi is sugu with a ko maru kaeri. The nakago has 1 mekugiana.

There are few remaining swords by Osafune Ieshige his work is quite rare to find today this is an excellent example of his workmanship and a 600-year-old blade is in excellent shape in a high-quality Japanese polish. The Nagasa is 64.3 cm.  Ieshige belonged to Kozori school. The first generation Ieshige was the second son of Shigeyoshi and was trained by Yoshikage. The second generation Ieshige trained under Omiya Morikakage who belonged to Soden Bizen school.  The earliest known work of Ieshige dates ito Oei year 6 (1399) and the latest one is Oei 31 (1424).

Mounted in a late Edo Kenuki Daimyo Tachi koshirae custom made to suit this Ieshige blade.  Highly detailed silver fittings which are superbly decorated in very fine detailed katakiri bori carving the main body of the tsuka is done in a very fine nanako finish. Menuki are in the form of Wisteria / Fuji Mon and also the sarute has the wisteria mon which was used by the Fujiwara clan and similar crests were later used by other clans also.

The Ornately decorated urushi lacquered scabbard also shows Wisteria  blossoms and tendrils with some highlighted leaves in gold foil.  This Tachi would of quite likely  been owned by a high ranking Daimyo in the late edo period.  The blade is mounted in Shirasaya, the koshirae has a wooden tsunagi fitted.


Markus Sesko

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