Sadamitsu Katana with NBTHK Hozon Certificate

Sadamitsu Katana with NBTHK Hozon Certificate
Order made Katana made by  Hori Minamoto Sadamitsu from Kyoto.Sadamitsu was from the Gassan school. This is a very historically important katana with lengthy  inscription which describes an attack on the Imperial palace this katana great piece of history from the final years of the Samurai.

The mei reads : I was part of the army that was raised in awareness of the Imperial Court against the various Lords [daimyo]. On the 18th day of the eighth month, August . Bunkyu year three (1863), year of the boar, we were able to overcome the enemy at the Sakaimachi Gate after we fought there for three days with all our might and until our weapons were smashed. I gave the money that I thankfully received as a reward [for my assistance in the battle ] To Sadamitsu to forge me a sword that should be handed down within successive generations [of my family].  Niibo Toshikata.

Mounted in shirasaya and also has koshirae with high quality fittings with wave motif.

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