Yasutsuna Wakizashi

Wakizashi Den Kishu, Ishidać Tachibana Yasutsuna circa Kanbun period 1661 - 1673 with NTHK NPO certificate

Wakizashi made in Naginata Naoshi zukuri with iori mune. Ubu mumei attributed to Ishido Yasutsuna, forged with a dense Itame hada, Hamon is wide active with lots of hataraki  ko-choji-midare with uniform yakigashira and with ashi.Boshi is midare komi with slight Kaeri,The blade has naginata hi / grooves with so hi /small groove below. The Nakago has 2 mekugiana  yasurime are sujikai. Nagasa is 50.9cm, This is a very solid heavy wide blade which is very well balanced in hand.

The blade is mounted in shirasaya and also has koshirae with well carved iron tsuba with drgon motiff , shakudo and gold fuchi kashira of dragons also menuki are of shishi / lion dogs

It is said that  Yasutsuna originally came from Oumi province He became a student of Bitchu no Kami Yasuhiro who was the second son of Tameyasu, who founded the Kii Ishido school It is also believed the Yasutsuna had a close relationship to Tatara Nagayuki, we can see  the excellent  workmanship of this maker in this blade coming from such a great lineage of master sword smiths.  Yasutsuna produced outstanding blades reknowned for their quality. Kii province is also well known for Tokugawa Yoshimune the 8th shogun he ruled from 1716 until 1745 he was known as one of the greatest shoguns of the mid Edo period.
The Tokugawa of Kii province were one of the Gosanke, The three branch families of Tokugawa Iyeasuown lineage, and the highest ranking samurai families below that Tokugawa main line. Based at the 550,000 koku domain of Wakayama in Kii province, the Kishu Tokugawa were descended from Ieyasu's 10th son Tokugawa Yorinobu. The eighth shogun, Tokugawa yoshimune, and the 14th shogun Tokugawa Iemochi, were both heads of the Kish family and lords of Wakayama before becoming shoguns.

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