Tosa Yoshimitsu 4th Generation Katana with NTHK NPO Certificate

4th Generation Tosa Yoshimitsu Katana with NTHK NPO Certificate


4th Generation Tosa Yoshimitsu Katana with NTHK NPO Certificate

YOSHIMITSU (吉光), 1st gen., Tokuji (徳治, 1306-1308), Tosa – “Yoshimitsu” (吉光), real name Fujiwara Gorōzaemon (藤原五郎左衛門), it is said that he was either the student of Awataguchi Masamitsu (正光) or of the 1st gen. Yamato Senju’in Yoshimitsu (吉光), others say that he came from the Tegai school and there is also the theory that the 1st gen. Senju’in Yoshimitsu and Tosa Yoshimitsu were the same smith, he lived in Tosa´s Kamohara (蒲原), some experts say that the tachi with the signature “Shōan ninen hachigatsu muika Yoshimitsu” (正安二年八月六日吉光, “Yoshimitsu, sixth day of the eighth month Shōan two [1300]”) which is attributed to Yamato Yoshimitsu is actually a work of Tosa Yoshimitsu, the Kaji Mei Hayamidashi (鍛冶早見出) and the Kōsei Kotō Meikan (校正古刀銘鑑) list the 1st gen. Tosa Yoshimitsu around Tokuji (徳治, 1306-1308), the Kotō Mei Zukushi Taizen (古刀銘尽大全) and the Kan´ei-era (寛永, 1624-1644) Goto Tebiki Shō (如手引抄) around Ryakuō (暦応, 1338-1341), the tradition with his origins in the
Awataguchi school of Masamitsu goes also back to the Goto Tebiki Shō and those approaches with his backgrounds in the Tegai school to the Kaji Mei Hayamidashi, unfortunately there are very few Tosa-Yoshimitsu works extant from before the Muromachi period so it is impossible to make definite statements about the first generation’s affiliation, there are early tantō extant which are relative small and which have have a thick kasane, the hada tends somewhat to masame and shows shirake and the hamon is a suguha YOSHIMITSU (吉光),

2nd gen., Ryakuō (暦応, 1338-1342), Tosa – “Yoshimitsu” (吉光), first name Gorōzaemon (五郎左衛門) YOSHIMITSU (吉光),

3rd gen., Kōō (康応, 1389-1390), Tosa – “Yoshimitsu” (吉光) YOSHIMITSU (吉光),

4th gen., Ōei (応永, 1394-1428), Tosa – Yoshimitsu” (吉光), “Tosa no Kuni Kamohara-jū Fujiwara-shi Gorōzaemon no Jō Yoshimitsu” (土佐国蒲原住藤原氏五郎左衛門尉吉光), the Nihon Kotō Shi (日本古刀史) attributes this signature to the 4th gen. but the meikan records list the 4th gen. with the first name Magozaemon (孫左衛門)