Daisho with nbthk hozon certificates

Samurai Daisho with NBTHK Hozon certificates


Samurai Daisho mounted swords with NBTHK Certificates.

Excellent  pair of swords in very high quality Daisho mounts.

The Katana is by a very good maker Morimasa also known as Morikuni in his later working life he made swords with some of the great makers of the Shinto era including Kotetsu and Kaneshige this blade comes with  NBTHK Hozon Certificate,The Katana is signed: Izumi no Kami Minamoto Morimasa saku, Made by Izumi no Kami Minamoto Morimasa (early signature  of Senjuin Morikuni, The nagasa is 63.9 cm.

The wakizashi is Mumei Takada school

Wakizashi Unsigned: Attributed to the Fujiwara Takada School, Nagasa is 42.4 cm.

 Matching Daisho Koshirae

Fuchi kashira are of Dragon motif and done in a beautiful Dark Shakudo, as are the menuki which are motif of Karajishi/ Liondogs.

Highly detailed Daisho tsuba with motif of the story of the seven Sages in the bamboo forest.  Black Urushi lacquered saya with horn fittings.


Morimasa Information

MORIKUNI / Morimasa worked in the  Kanbun Era ( 1661-1673), Musashi He Signed  “Izumi no Kami Minamoto Morimasa,” “Izumi no Kami Senjuin Minamoto Morikasa tsukuru”, Kosho Kunnai ni oite Hachiman Yama Senjuin Yamato no Kami Minamoto Morikasa saku “Izumi no Kami Senjuin Morikuni saku” , Izumi no Kami Morikuni kore o tsukuru, he was a late smith of the Akasaka-Senjuin lineage and came originally from Kai province.  Later he moved to Edo where he studied according to tradition under Izumi no Kami Kaneshige. He signed in hi early years with the name Name  Morimasa, from the point of view of workmanship we can see common elements with Kaneshige, Kotetsu, and Kazusa no Suke Kaneshige.  He signed in a peculiar manner with noticeable wavy and rounded-off strokes.