Hamabe Toshizane Shinshinto Katana with NBTHK Hozon Certificate


Excellent Shinshinto Katana signed Hamabe Minryu-shi Toshizane 濱部眠龍子寿実

Bunsei era circa 1818-29 in Inaba Province. With inscrpition reading. Do Not Be Afraid Of The Strong 


TOSHIZANE (寿実), Kansei (寛政, 1789-1801), Inaba/Edo – “Toshikuni” (寿国), “Tōto ni oite Hamabe
Minryūshi Toshizane” (於東都浜部眠龍子寿実, “Hamabe Minryūshi Toshizane, in the eastern capital [=Edo]”),
“Hamabe Minryūshi Toshizane” (浜部眠龍子寿実), “Minryūshi Toshizane” (眠龍子寿実), real name Hamabe
Gihachirō (浜部儀八郎), he was born in the sixth year of An´ei (安永, 1777) as son of Toshinori (寿格) in Tottori
(鳥取) in Inaba province, he was the 2nd gen. Hamabe, he signed in early years Toshikuni (寿国) but changed it in the
ninth year of Kansei (寛政, 1797) to Toshizane, from the first year of Kyōwa (享和, 1801) onwards he used the gō
Minryūshi (眠龍子), he accompanied his father during the Kansei era to Edo and died on the 15th day of the twelfth
month Kōka three (弘化, 1846) at the age of 70, he worked in a similar style as his father but hardened also picturesque
hamon like Yoshino or Tatsuta which remind strongly of Tanba no Kami Yoshimichi (丹波守吉道), jō-saku