Hida no Kami Ujifusa wakizashi with nthk npo certificate

Wakizashi Mumei Attributed to Hida no Kami Ujifusa from Owari province with NTHK NPO  Certificate ,Shinogi Zukuri , Iori mune, Forging:
is a dense Itame that features a Shirake Utsuri, Hamon is a wide Suguha, Well carved Hi on both sides of the blade, Nakago is Suriage with 1 mekugiana.

Blade length ~ 50.6 cm

Nthk NPO certificate



Mounted in old original handachi koshirae kokinko tsuba

Hida No Kami Ujifusa is one of the Owari Sansaku or the 3 great swordsmiths of Owari Provence along with the shodai Sagami No Kami Masatsune and Hoki No Kami Nobutaka. In Tenshō five (1577) he became Samurai page of Oda Nobutaka (1558-1583), the third son of Oda Nobunaga, and accompanied him to the battle front in his subjugation of Kii province. Nobutaka stood against his former ally Toyotomi Hideyoshi, who is considered to be one of the great unifiers of Japan. He lost his command when he was surrounded at Gifu Castle by Hideyoshi ally, Nobukatsu. Under pressure from Hideyoshi and Nobukatsu, Nobutaka committed suicide. After the seppuku of Nobutaka in Tenshō ten (1583), Ujifusa became rōnin (masterless Samurai).
Hida No Kami Ujifusa learned sword making from his father, Wakasa no Kami Ujifusa, a well respected smith of the Mino province. After he became rōnin , in Tenshō 16 (1588), Ujifusa began apprenticeship under his father to become a swordsmith. According to transmission, after the death of the his father, Ujifusa completed his studies under the 1st gen. Nobutaka (信高). By recommendation of the Kanpaku regent Toyotomi Hidetsugu (1568-1595), the nephew of Hideyoshi, Ujifusa received, the honorary title “Hida no Kami”, on the eleventh day of the fifth month Tenshō 20 (1592).

Hida no Kami Ujifusa swords are ranked Wazamono for sharpness. Hawley’s ranks Hida no Kami Ujifusa very high at 80+ points, while Fujishiro rates him as Jo Saku.