Kagemitsu tanto with nbthk hozon certificate

Koto Kagemitsu Tanto with NBTHK  Hozon Certificate

Koto Kaga Kagemitsu Tanto with NBTHK Hozon Certificate

Well forged early Koto Hirazukuri Tanto Mounted in Shirasasaya with Hozon certificate, Kaga Kagemitsu generations started in the Nambokucho era the first generation was said to be the son of Sanekage and a student of Tomoshige.Hozon Certificate does not state an age or generation of this blade but I own both Sanekage and Shodai Fujishima Tomoshige blades and this blades forging characteristics are very similar so quite likely 1st generation or possibly 2nd Kagemitsu work.Nagasa is 22.8 cm, this tanto is in an old original polish has a few very minor stains but is overall an excellent early blade.

KAGEMITSU , 1st gen., Koryaku (1379-1381), Kaga – “Kagemitsu” , “Kashu-ju Fujiwara Kagemitsu” , according to tradition the son of the 1st gen. Sanekage and a student of the 1st gen. Fujishima Tomoshige , he lived in Aikawa in the Ishikawa district of Kaga province, suguha mixed with ko-gunome in the style of Bizen-Kagemitsu but the interpretations of Kagemitsu show more nie or ko-nie respectively, his gunome is somewhat more roundish than the angular kataochi-gunome of Bizen-Kagemitsu, ryo-wazamono ,

KAGEMITSU , 2nd gen., Oei ( 1394-1428), Kaga – “Kagemitsu” , “Kashu-ju Fujiwara Kagemitsu” , first name Sama no Suke , suguha, ko-gunome, wazamono,

KAGEMITSU 3rd gen., Kosho ( 1455-1457),

Kaga – “Kagemitsu” , “Kagemitsu saku” , Hashizume line , ko-gunome, chu-jo-saku

KAGEMITSU , 4th gen., Bunmei ( 1469-1487), Kaga – “Kagemitsu”

KAGEMITSU 5th gen., Eisho 1504-1521), Kaga – “Kagemitsu”