KANEFUJI GENDAITO WITH nthk npo certificate

Kanefuji Gendaito With NTHK NPO Certificate, Original Shingunto Koshirae and New Shirasaya.

Katana made by Kanefuji with NTHK Certificate

Kanefuji was from Gifu prefecture Seki city. Kanefuji was known to make very good quality blades.

This blade appears to be pre WW2 work, the shinsa team put this blade as being made early Showa

Very well forged big heavy blade with extremely interesting hada, Blade is made in a Shinogi-Zukuri with Iori-Mune.

Forging is a very unique dense dense Ko-Itame with a mix of a wavy Masame like hada structure in front of the habaki a small area which resembles MT Fuji.

The Hamon is a wide active Suguha the Boshi is Sugu with Hakikake along the Kaeri.
Nakago has 2 mekugi-ana
The nagasa is 2 shaku 3 sun 3 bu kore ari  / Blade length: 70.7cm
Mounted in a good quality WW2 shingunto koshirae and also has professionally made Japanese Shirasaya koshirae which is fitted with a wooden Tsunagi.

The blade is in full Japanese polish and is an excellent example of a traditionally handforged Gendaito from the early Showa era.  Mounted later in the Shingunto koshirae for WW2, comes with original documentation as WW2 vet bringback, this is a historically important katana!

This traditionally made Katana was brought back to Australia from the AITAPE-WEWAK campaign in New Guinea by a soldier of the famous 2nd/1st infantry battalion Australian army.

The AITAPE-WEWAK campaign was one of the last battles in New Guinea waged against the the Japanese 18th army before the end of the war saw surrender by the Commanding Officer General Hatazo Adachi.

It also comes complete with Austrlian Army paperwork and some history of the owner of the sword and his battalions  jungle training in Wondecla Qld before deployment to New Guinea.