Masashige Tanto with NBTHK Certificate.

Excellent Tanto made by the 2nd  generation Masashige very well forged blade with active hamon showing the falling snow effect masashige is known for, well carved mei characteristic of the Nidai Masashige with the upturned character for Masa, Beautiful Tanago Bara Nakago. Fully restored in japan  full polish, newly made koshirae, Iron Tsuba with Hawk, Fuchi is shakudo with family mons as are the Menuki, tsuka ito is a brown silk, Red lacquered saya, NBTHK Hozon Certificate.  Nagasa:  28.3cm

Tenbun Period circa (1532-1554)

Masashige  was the son/ grandson or student  of the legendary Muramasa. He worked forging swords with his master Muramasa who was the son of  Kanemura originally from Akasaka Mino Domain he then later relocated to Kuwana in Ise domain where his  Sengo school of swordmaking flourished  in the Ise prefecture which is also one of the most sacred religious sites in Japan.The 1st generation Masashige was active in Eisho period (1504-1520) and the 2nd generation was active  during Tenbun(1532-1554).


Muramasa and Masashige played an important role in supplying powerful clans and warlords with high quality swords Muramasa and Masashige blades are reknowned for their extraordinary sharpness and cutting ability and were highly sought after and regarded by samurai. Apart from some Tokugawa Ieyasu who outlawed the ownership of Muramasa  blades as he had lost many friends and relatives to Muramasa swords and even cut himself badly with a Muramasa blade many Muramasa blades had their signatures erased or altered for this reason to disguise them enemies of the Tokugawa  would often use muramasa blades against the Tokugawa. Muramasa himself was said to have a violent nature and an ill balanced mind which it was believed  to have passed into the swords he forged his swords were popularly believed to hunger for blood.Masashige