Naginata by Sumimiya Kaneharu of Kaga Published in the Kashu Shinto Taikan

Excellent Naginata by Kaneharu of kaga province very well forged solid  blade in itame hada,hamon is ko gunome with sugu with ko nie deki and some sunagashi , Boshi is ko maru kaeri with a pointed kaeri, ubu nakago with 1 mekugiana signed Gashu ju Fujiwara Kaneharu and dated on a lucky day of the second month of Kanbun six 1666, year of the horse mounted in a quality shirasaya. This naginata is published in the Kashu shinto Taikan which makes this rare naginata very desireable and collectible published swords are always highly  sought after by collectors and in the future this naginata will become more valuable as stated in the Taikan kaneharu work is very rare to find.  A copy of the book will be included with the purchase of this naginata

Nagasa ~ 34.3 cm

Kashu Shinto Taikan

Naginata mei : Gashu-ju Fujiwara Kaneharu. Kanbun roku hinoe- goten nigatsu kichijonichi kore o kitaeru.  Forged by Fujiwara Kaneharu, resident of Kaga province, on a lucky day of the second month of Kanbun six (1666), year of the horse.€

Measurements: nagasa 34.3 cm, sori 1.2 cm

Shape: naginata – zukuri , iori – mune , sakizori

Kitae : ko – itame mixed with nagare,  Hamon : ko – gun om e- midare in ko – nie – deki and with sunagashi within the ha

Boshi : midare – komi with a pointed kaeri

Horimono : naginata – hi Nakago : ubu , kurijiri , sujikai – yasurime , one mekugi – ana , the omote and ura side bear a naga – mei
and a date

Explanation: This is a work of Sumimiya Kaneharu  of whom only few blades are extant.


No 8059

naginata signed:  Gashu-ju Fujiwara Kaneharu, Kanbun roku hinoe goten nigatsu kichijonichi kore o kitaeru  Forged by Fujiwara Kaneharu, resident of Kaga province, on a lucky  day of the second month of Kanbun six (1666), year of the horse€

nagasa ~ 34.3 cm

According to the result of the shinsa committee of our society, we judge this work as authentic and rank it as Koshu – Tokubetsu – Kicho Token .

July 5, 1976

[Foundation] Nihon Bijutsu Token Hozon Kyokai, NBTHK [President] Honma Junji
[Apraisal issued to]

KANEHARU, 2nd gen., Kanei , Kaga Kaneharu€, real name Sumimiya Sobei , he worked in the castle town of Komatsu  and was active between Kanei and Joo ( 1652-55)

KANEHARU, 3rd gen., Kanbun ( 1661-1673), Kaga Gashu-ju Sumimiya Fujiwara Kaneharu, Gashu-ju Fujiwara Kaneharu, real name Sumimiya Sakubei , son of the 2nd gen. Kaneharu, ko-itame-nagare mixed with masame, notare mixed with ko-gunome-midare in konie-deki with sunagashi, the boshi is notare-komi with a pointed kaeri, wazamono

KANEHARU , 4th gen.Genroku (1688-1704), Kaga Kaneharu, according to tradition the son of a not further differentiated Kaga Kanenori  generation, real name Sumimiya Hachibei the Kaga Kaneharu line ended with him.