Sadashige Kodachi

Kodachi by Sadashige very well forged blade made in 1996 , flamboyant hamon which looks like an Ichimonji style , Very well forged tight hada, Mounted in an excellent Kodachi Koshirae this is an excellent sword by a very great maker who studied in the Gassan school.

Sadashige learnt  sword forging from his late father Adachi Sadagusu. Sadagusu was a wartime swordsmith who had studied with master Gassan Sadakazu, Gassan  Sadakatsu (1869-1943), and Kawano Sadashige.  After World War II, he worked under the smith name Sadayuki. Shigefumi was born in 1958 and became his fathers student when he was 15 years old. At the age of 22, He also studied with Ningen-Kokuho Gassan Sadaichi ( 1907-1995) where he spent three years living with his fellow students at the Gassan forge in Nara Prefecture. Also there at that time was his cousin Adachi Kazuyoshi who signs with the name Minamoto Sadakazu. Sadashige won the first price at the fifth O-Mamori-Gatana exhibition held by the Zen Nihon Kai. He is regarded as one of the best Horimono carvers of the Gassan School.

Nagasa 385mm
Width at Hamachi 24mm
Thickness at Mune 24mm
Width at Yokote 15mm
Thickness above Yokote 3.8mm