Hirofusa Tanto Koyama Munetsugu Gimeisai Tanto with NTHK NPO Certificate

Hirofusa Tanto Koyama Munetsugu Gimeisai Tanto with NTHK NPO Certificate


Tanto Signed with Kinzogan mei/Gold signature . Hono Munetsugu attributed to Hirofusa lived in Kuwana, Ise which is now Mie prefecture. Hirofusa was the the first son of smith Mishina Hiromichi .

He learnt swordmaking with his younger brother Mishina Tokuro Hiromichi and also Koyama Munehira and the great maker Koyama Munetsugu he learnt to make blades in the Bizen tradition and set up his forge at Kaji cho in Kuwana. He was known to sign blades with Gimei signatures of his master which are known as Kuwana uchi.

Blades known by him range from Kaei year 5 to Meiji year 2 (1852-69), He passed away on 19th of August, Meiji year 18 (1885)


Tanto Den Ise, Hirofusa Gimeisai Hono Munetsugu attributed to Hirofusa by the NTHK NPO

Signature: Kinzogan / Gold  Inscription Hono Munetsugu (Offered by Munetsugu), Hira-zukuri style blade with Iori mune well forged blade in Ko Itame hada. The Hamon is Midareba that is based on a Koshi-no-Hiraita sanbonsugi-kuzure. The nakago has 1 mekugiana, yasurime kiri ( slightly suriage-nakago). Made around Kaei era (1848-1854).This tanto is a very good example of a Kuwana uchi with alot of Koyama Munetsugu characteristics in the blade.Blade length ~ 27,0 cm


Rare Cloisonne ,Silver Koshirae

Very Rare and high quality Tanto koshirae. Gin Ishimeji Hana Chirashi Shippo Kaigu Tanto Koshirae Tanto koshirae with highly detailed silver fittings with Ishime and Cloisonne. Saya features a gold ground lacquer and decorated Cloisonne floral motifs overall length 44.7 cm.  Gold Ikakeji hilt with Butterfly is Shell inlay. Fuchi Kashira, Kozuka, Kurigata and other fittings of Silver that feature an Ishime ground and a floral Cloisonne decoration.

Made circa Meiji era.

HIROFUSA 1st gen, Keio Ise signed Gimensai Mishina Hanbei Hirofusa, Gimeisai Mishina Hirofusa saku, Seishu Kuwana-ju Gimeisai Mishina Hirofusa , real name Mishina Hanbei, he was the oldest son of Ise Hiromichi , together with his son or student Fusanobu he focused on the production of gimei which are commonly referred to as Kuwana-uchi , there are excellent forgeries known by him, he used the go Gimensai and Gimeisai and there is the theory that these pseudonyms are actually an allusion to his gimei, there exists a joint work with his son with the signature Ise no Kuni Gimeisai Mishina Hirofusa saku nanajuni-sai nidai Mishina Hirofusa saku” , Made by Gimeisai Mishina Hirofusa from Ise, aged 72, and by the 2nd gen. Mishina Hirofusa), chu-saku.