Always wanting to add more from any of our clients.

Hey John and Kristie,

I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for the consistent excellent service and the high level of quality of the items I have bought from you………..absolutely thrilled. There should be more sellers like you!!


C R, Victoria

My interest is mainly in the gendaito smiths of the Showa era, and over the past several years I have dealt with John and Kristie Grasso’s Nihonto Australia for information, advice and the purchase of a number of very fine Yoshichika, Nagamitsu and other examples. I have also had the opportunity to discuss blades in person when they attended weapons shows in my home town of Adelaide. Occasionally I have purchased much older historical blades that they had sourced in Japan and then again, the quality and provenance was superb.

Apart from the quality of their advice and the honesty of their appraisals I have been impressed by the breath of John’s knowledge and his dedication to improve and increase his grasp through very frequent visits to Japan. His willingness to impart that knowledge is also notable. The Japanese recognize their premier smiths like Akitsugu Amada with the title ‘Living National Treasures’ and those who deal in the blades of Japan should observe a form of reverence in dealing with what have been the souls of warriors. John Grasso fulfills that role with distinction.

Professor Brian Stoffell, Adelaide

I have been a customer of Nihonto Australia for many years now and I have always found them to be honest, trustworthy and offer quality items at fair prices.  Even though I am in the US, half way around the world, my packages are received in a timely manner.  I will continue to do business with them and have found them to be more than just a good seller but I have found a friend on the other side of the world.


I have known John and Kristie of NIHONTO AUSTRALIA for a few years and in the deals I have done have found them honest, reliable, knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with. The quality of their stock is  exceptional. 

B T, Isle of Wight, UK

Being an Amateur Tsuba collector I have found John & Kristie great people to talk to, and with them being in Australia easy and quick with there deliveries. With Johns help he sent me down the path of a well known tsuba maker. I keep going back to there website you don’t know what you will see next.

Thanks Guys Keep up the good work.

D F, Victoria