Nihonto Australia is dedicated to offering genuine, authenticated antique Japanese swords, fittings and art. We offer our items privately to individuals, art galleries, museums and other interested organisations.

Looking to Purchase?

Over the years Nihonto Australia has assisted in building and significantly improving many Japanese sword collections. I look to create trusting business relationships in which I can assist you to source the perfect Japanese swords or related items for your collection. Once I have and understanding of the types or swords, fittings or artefacts you’re interested in, I can actively pursue these items while in Japan or internationally through a wide range of contacts. Many amazing pieces are sold before even making it to the website through well established relationships with my customers.

The old saying that ‘nothing worth having comes easily’ can be applied to building an excellent Japanese sword collection which takes time and patience. For those who are new to collecting Japanese swords I have a number of tips that I hope assist you in doing so. I encourage you to develop your eye for distinguishing between worthy historical blades and those that are inferior or even fake. You can attain this eye through the experience of holding and examining antique swords, studying the topic in books and online and by speaking to those who are experts in the field. I’d like to emphasize here that seeking advice from those that are knowledgeable in the field with years of experience will be invaluable to you and your collection and may prevent costly mistakes. I believe that an item purchased under hasty conditions or of a low quality will often not provide the same standard of enjoyment for collectors. Therefore, I always suggest to new collectors that they prioritise quality over quantity and always seek to purchase the highest quality items that they can afford and only from a trusted source. This way the collector can ensure that their collection will be one that they can enjoy and admire well into the future and is one that will grow significantly as a long-term investment.

I look forward to speaking to those who are interested to determine how I may be able to assist. Please do not hesitate to contact me with your query whether you are a new or experienced collector.

Selling an Item or Collection?

If you’re looking at selling, downsizing or have inherited an unwanted collection or items we are happy to assist you by either purchasing the collection, or parts thereof or advising the best way to handle the sale of these items or collections. If you’re considering disposing of any antique Japanese items or collections, please feel free to contact us to discuss confidentially. We travel domestically in Australia and internationally on a regular basis and are happy to assist.

Restoration and Preservation of Japanese Swords

One of the most upmost priorities of Nihonto Australia is ensuring the preservation of antique Japanese swords. Having had countless numbers of swords restored traditionally in Japan Nihonto Australia aims to provide future generations with the opportunity to appreciate these works of art as much as we have. Sadly, many Japanese swords found in individual collections, museums and RSL clubs are left uncared for and will eventually deteriorate beyond repair and be lost forever. Nihonto Australia is always happy to discuss the restoration and preservation of Japanese swords to ensure their longevity so that future generations can appreciate them and their historical significance.


Nihonto Australia is available to provide valuations for items and collections within our fields of expertise under the appropriate circumstances. We will not give valuations on items recently purchased from other galleries and will not become involved in contentious matters.