Hizen Koku Kawachi No Kami Fujiwara Masahiro Katana, with NBTHK Tokubetsu hozon certificate

Hizen Koku Kawachi No Kami Fujiwara Masahiro Katana With 3 Body Gold Cutting Test

Katana signed ; Hizen Koku Kawachi No Kami Fujiwara Masahiro Katana, with NBTHK Tokubetsu hozon certificate


Mounted great koshirae fuchi kashira signed cho ei with very detailed dragons inlaid in gold, menuki are gold dragons,tsuba is iron with sukashi kirimon.  Excellent two piece habaki of shakudo and gold with Mon motifs.  It has a black lacquered striped saya also has high quality shirasaya with Tanobe sensei sayagaki describing Masahiro superb workmanship and supreme sharpness of this blade.

Katana made by the  Nidai Masahiro of Hizen he was born in 1627 and was  the son of the Shodai Masahiro , He was the  great grandson of Shodai  Hizen Tadayoshi.  When began making swords he used  the mei Masanaga, then later in his changed to Masahiro like his father.

He received three titles in his working life : Musashi no Daijo, Musashi no Kami and finally Kawachi no Kami in 1665. He died at the age of 73 in  the year 1700.


Tanobe Sensei Sayagaki

Hizen koku Kawachi no kami Fujiwara MASAHIRO: This katana has the 10 character long inscription of 2nd generation MASAHIRO. The other side is gold inlay to prove supreme sharp cutting test result of Mitsu do,3 Body. The blade has Super fine Konuka-hada forging and utmost care in the Suguha hamon showing his excellent workmanship of his finest ability.  Sayagaki written In the Goku’getsu(December) In the year of Monkey,  (2016) Appraisal Written by Tanzan Hendo (Tanobe Michihiro) (KAO)

Katana, signed: Hizen no Kuni Kawachi no Kami Fujiwara Masahiro kinzogan: Cut through Mitsu do – Sasa no Tsuyu (like dew on a bamboo leaf) alluding to the Supreme sharpness/cutting ability of the sword)

Nagasa ~ 71.6 cm

According to the result of the shinsa committee of our society we judged this work as authentic and designate it as tokubetsu-hozon.

November 28th 1986