Ishiguro Carp Kogai and Kozuka Mitokoromono

Ishiguro Masayoshi Mitokoromono with  NTHK Certificate


Masayoshi is considered the highest skilled Artists of the Ishiguro school.


Excellent set Ishiguro signed Masayoshi + Kaō  1 Kōgai and Two kozuka
Shakudō, nanako ground, gilded
with Motif: Carp in water plants
Takabori relief carving ,gold iroe accents


Ishiguro Masayoshi (石黒政美)
Masayoshi – his first name was „Shōzō“ (庄蔵) – was the adopted
son of Okamoto Yūsen (岡本祐仙), a physician of Western medicine
from Satsuma province. He was born in the first year of An´ei (1772)
and studied first under Sano Naoyoshi (直好) and later under the 1st
gen. Ishiguro Masatsune. He adopted the character for „Masa“ (政)
from Masatsune and „yoshi“ from Naoyoshi when the latter still signed
his name with „Masayoshi“ (直美). He worked for the Shimazu family
(島津), the daimyō of the Satsuma fief, but from their Edo residence.
His son Shūki (秋暉, 1807-1862) was a painter and used throughout his
entire life the family name „Okamoto“. It is interesting that Shūki´s
paintings often show the aforementioned kachō motifs which were in
turn strongly influenced by Masayoshi and the Ishiguro school.*56
Masayoshi struck strictly to the Ishiguro style. His interpretations are
somewhat rustic and remind us of the workmanship of his Satsuma
colleagues. He used the gō „Jugakusai“ (寿岳斎), „Jugakusai“
(寿寉斎), „Jurōsai“ (寿老斎) and „Juōsai“ (寿翁斎) and died in the
second year of Bunkyū (1862).
His second son Koreyoshi (是美) – whose first name was „Kanjirō“
(寛次郎) – was by no means inferior to Masayoshi. Koreyoshi´s name
is also composed of characters from both of his masters, namely
„yoshi“ from his father and „Kore“ from the 1st gen. Masatsune when
the latter signed still with „Koretsune“ (是常)