Ishiguro Kozuka motif of Ashinaga and Tenaga NTHK Certificate



Den Edo Ishiguro (伝江⼾⽯⿊) ‒ Attributed to the Ishiguro School from Edo

meibun (銘⽂) ‒ Signature: unsigned

Foundation: shakudō and suaka plates combined, ishime ground

Motif: Tartar / Ashinaga and Tenaga

Carvings: takabori relief, zōgan inlay, iroe accents

Measurements: height 9.6 cm, width 1.4 cm

Made : mid-Edo period


Ashinaga (“long legs”) and Tenaga (“long arms”) are two mythical figures who utilize their enhanced extremities to capture creatures from the ocean. The pair thus transforms what might at first appear as physical disfigurements into a mutually beneficial attribute