Jellyfish Painting by Geoffery Warradoo



Geoffery Warradoo


Jellyfish – My childhood story

When I was 12 years old I got stung by Jellyfish at Quintel beach. Its a bad memory but the jellyfish that stung me had many
beautiful colours. So I have mixture of good and bad memories but now that I am an adult it is actually good memories.

Size/Medium 100cm x 82cm

Artist: Geoffery Warradoo


Geoffrey Warradoo was born in Cairns on 12 August 1976. Lockhart River back then did not have the health facility for
mothers to give birth in Community. This arrangement has continued to present time with all new births transferred to
Geoffrey comes from the Umpila-Kuuku Yau language speaking group. This is one of 5 language speaking groups in
Lockhart River.
He started painting at the Lockhart River Art Centre back in late 1990 for over 4-5 years as a new artists. He then moved
out of community on personal grounds and returned to Lockhart River in 2016.
Geoffrey recommenced painting in 2016.His paitings are about his traditional stories and culture. when he was 12 years
old, he was stung by jelly fish which almost ended fatally. He was received appropriate medical help that saved him. He
reflects on this childhood experience and says that jellyfish are beautiful looking but are a danger to mankind. His
Jellyfish experience was in Lockhart River.
In his own words, he says “I like to paint about my country and all the important spirit things from my culture. Make me
happy when I paint”.
Solo ExhibiƟons
• No solo exhibiƟons as at as his body of works is in development at his own pace.
Group ExhibiƟons
• 2016: July, group exhibition at Cairns Indigenous Art Fair, Cairns QLD
• 2017: July, group exhibition at Cairns Indigenous Art Fair, Cairns QLD
• 2018: July, group exhibition at Cairns Indigenous Art Fair, Cairns QLD
• 2018: August, group exhibition at Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair, Darwin NT
• 2019: July, group partcipation, Cairns Indigenous Art Fair, Cairns QLD
• 2019: August, group participation, Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair, Darwin, NT
• No permanent collections in major intuitions recorded as yet.