Koto Tegai Kanekiyo Katana with NBTHK Hozon Certificate

Koto Tegai Kanekiyo Katana with NBTHK Hozon Certificate.Excellent well forged blade with beautiful Hada Sugu Hamon mounted in Shirasaya.

Nagasa 67cm

1 st gen., Karyaku (嘉暦, 1326-1329), Yamato – “Kanekiyo” (包清), Tegai school, son of the 1
gen. Kanenaga (包永), there exist date signatures of the second and fourth year of Karyaku (1327/1329), the latter is
found on a hira-zukuri tantō with a mitsu-mune, uchizori, and a nagasa of 23.8 cm, the jigane is a dense itame that tends to
nagare towards the ha, ji-nie and chikei appear all over the blade and nie-utsuri occurs, the hamon is a slightly undulating
notare mixed with ko-gunome in ko-nie-deki with a wide nioiguchi, in addition we see sunagashi and kinsuji and the bōshi is
rather pointed and shows hakikake, the tang has a bulbous kurijiri and higaki-yasurime, the signature is executed with a fine
chisel and placed at the beginning of the tang, the date signatures are applied somewhat lower


2nd gen., Jōwa (貞和, 1345-1350), Yamato – “Kanekiyo” (包清), Tegai school

KANEKIYO (包清), 3rd gen., Ōan (応安, 1368-1375), Yamato – “Kanekiyo” (包清), Tegai school, first name
Katsuzaemon (勝左衛門), sond of the 2
nd gen. Kanenaga (包永), according to tradition he had also studied under
Kanetoshi (包利), suguha with kuichigaiba, hakikake, wazamono


4th gen., Ōei (応永, 1394-1428), Yamato – “Saemon no Jō Fujiwara Kanekiyo”
(左衛門尉藤原包清), Tegai school


5th gen., Eikyō (永享, 1429-1441), Yamato – “Kanekiyo” (包清), “Kanekiyo saku” (包清作),
Tegai school, mitsu-mune, itame-nagare mixed with masame, ji-nie, often a shirake-utsuri, chū-suguha or ko-notare in ko-nie-deki
with sunagashi and kinsuji, sugu-bōshi with a ko-maru-kaeri, hakikake and which turns back in a long manner