Morimichi Katana with NBTHK Hozon Certificate

An excellent well forged flawless blade in full Japanese polish with flamboyant hamon mounted in shirasaya and good quality koshirae top quality shakudo nanako fuchi kashira and shakudo tonbo menuki.

Made 1624-1644


st gen., Keichō (慶長, 1596-1615), Mino – “Suruga no Kami Morimichi saku”
(駿河守盛道作), “Suruga no Kami Morimichi” (駿河守盛道), Muroya-Seki group (室屋関), probably the son of the
Tenshō-era (天正, 1573-1592) Morimichi, we know Keichō-shintō style blades with a wide mihaba an an ō-kissaki , the
jigane is a dense ko-itame with ji-nie, the hamon is a gunome-chōji-midare with a compact nioiguchi whereas the yakigashira of the
chōji are by trend somewhat angular, also sunagashi appear, the bōshi is mostly a pointed midare-komi, we know excellent
works with a bright jiba and he is considered with Daidō (大道) as one of the most outstanding Gifu-smiths of that
time, chū-saku

nd gen., Kan´ei (寛永, 1624-1644), Mino/Owari – “Suruga no Kami Morimichi Nyūdō”
(駿河守盛道入道), “Suruga no Kami Fujiwara Morimichi” (駿河守藤原盛道), he also worked in Kyōto and moved
later to Owari