Motohira Tanto

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Motohira Tanto and Koshirae with original storage box and receipt document from it when it was made describing each part of the Koshirae and the weight of each solid gold piece.

This Tanto remained in the same family until several years ago when it was acquired from the elderly owner who had no family to pass it onto. During ww2 when many of the Japanese cities were being bombed this Tanto was taken into the mountains of Nagano where it was buried for safekeeping until the war ended.


Translation of the original paper document :



Sa-shu Motohira Chi’sa-katana Koshirae Saya notches / ribs

1. Fuchi/Kashira and Kozuka : Shakudo Nanako-ji gold Mon
1. Tsuba : Shibuichi Kiku -flower shape rim, Hamidashi-style
1. Saya : Black roiro 2-bu interval nothces, single Hitsu-slot
1. Menuki 2 pcs : “Maruni-uchi Chigai-Takano-ha” crest, solid gold
4-monme, 5-bu and 8-rin
1. Mikaeshi 2 pcs : Cloud shape, Stone surface hammered, solid gold 1-monme, 9-bu and 5-rin
1. Mekugi : Stone surface hammered, solid gold 2-monme,2-bu and
1. Seppa-Habaki : Botan-Yujou style carving, gold 2-monme, 2-bu
1. Shitodome : Kiku-flower shape, solid gold 7-bu and 5-rin

Bi’yo, Yoshida Hisaemon
In the 5th month, Horse year (1810)



Original Storage Box


Tanto Storage box Hakogaki  & Koshirae  Translation :

“Maruni-uchi Chigai-Takano-ha” crest Golden Chi’sa-katana style Koshirae mount.

Tanto : signed Oku Yamato-no-kami Ason Motohira -zou Autumn, Year of the Rat, the 1st calendar sign of Bunka, Horimono-dou-zou

1. Fuchi/kashira & Kozuka : Shakudo Nanako with gold takanoha mon
2. Tsuba : Shibuichi ground plain surface Kiku-flower shape “Hamidashi” style
3. Saya : Black roiro style 2-bu interval notches, single Hitsu slot
4. Menuki : Solid gold crest, a net weight 4-monme, 5-bu and 8-rin
5. Mikaeshi 2 pcs : Sollid gold, Kabura-shape, Stone surface, a net weight 1-monme,9-bu and 5-rin
6. Mekugi : Solid gold, Stone-surface, a net weight 2-monme,2-bu and 2-rin
7. Seppa-Habaki : Gold foiled, a net weight 2-monme, 2-bu
8. Shitodome : Solid gold, Kiku-flower shape, a net weight 7-bu and 5-rin
9. Sageo : Purple/plain white dyed Hira-uchi style weave