Smithy Bally

The Butterfly Series

Title : Our Rainforest Butterfly Guardian

This painting captures the green-Banded Jewel Hypochrysops theon butterfly on my land deep in the Iron Range rainforest.
These butterflies are our rainforest guardians.

The Butterfly Series

Size/Medium 99cm x 80cm


Artist : Smithy Bally

Smithy Bally comes from a well respected family in the Lockhart River Community. His father was a long serving Council
member and Deputy Mayor.
Smithy started showing an interest in painting in early late 2019 and completed a series of butterfly themed paintings.
Sixty percent of Australia’s butterfly species are found across Lockhart River’s deep forests in the Iron Range landscape.
Butterflies of many colors including the spectacular Ulysses, Cape York Pearl-White Elodina claudia and Green-banded
jewel Hypochrysops theon butterfly. The Iron Range national park contains a wide range of habitats for butterflies, ants,
ferns, orchids and palms. Smithy captures his on Country experiences through a modern contemporary expression on
canvas and linen.
Smithy also plays Rugby League and has been part of the Lockhart River Scorpions Rugby League Team who have won a
grand final title. Smithy dances with the Kawadjii Wimpa traditonal dance group and does occasional ranger works.
As a new artist, Smithy has a bright future and over Time strives to showcase his arts gift.


Each Painting comes with a Certificate of Authenticity