A set of Omori HIDETOMO FITTINGS ,Tsuba, Fuchi Kashira, Menuki WITH NTHK NPO CERTIFICATE

18.4 Other artists of the Ōmori school
The most outstanding students of Terumasa were Terutatsu (英辰) and Terutomo (英知) from the Tokuno family (徳野). Terutatsu´s first names were „Genjirō“ (源次郎) and „Genbei“ (源兵衛). He was born in the second year of Kan´en (1749) and belonged first to the Nobara family (野原) but was allowed to use the family name „Ōmori“ after his subsequent studies under Terumasa and his successor Teruhide. His year of death is unnown but there exists a work with the information „made at the age of 61“, that means he was at least active until 1809. Terutatsu used the gō „Ichimudō“ (一夢堂 or 一無堂) and Terutomo the pseudonym „Ichigyokudō“ (一玉堂).
Terutomo´s successor was his son Hidetomo (秀知) who also signed whilst his father was still alive with „Terutomo“. Terutomo and Hidetomo both used the family name „Ōmori“. Hidetomo´s first name was „Sadabei“ (定兵衛). He also studied under Teruhide and used the gō „Ryūrinsai“ (龍鱗斎). The roots of the Nobara and Tokuno family were in Sendai (仙台). Hidetomo died in the fourth year of Bunka (1807) at the age of 65. A better known student of Hidetomo was Tomohiro (知広) from the Takenouchi family (竹内). But Tomohiro also signed with the family name „Nobara“ and the gō „Ichigyokudō“ (一玉堂), so it seems that the latter was used successively by this branch of the Ōmori family. A student and the later adopted son of Terutatsu was Tokuno Terukatsu (英勝).
ref Markus Sesko