Uda Kunimune Tanto


Koto Tanto mounted in Shirasaya

Kantei-sho (鑑定書) ‒ Appraisal
Tantō (短⼑)
Signature illegible (Uda, 宇多)
Blade length 24.8 cm, only a hint of sori
Herewith we confirm that the above quoted object is authentic.
Heisei 14 nen 3 gatsu 30 nichi (平成⼗四年三⽉三⼗⽇) ‒ March 30, 2002
Tokuno Kazuo (得野⼀男)
Tōrokushō No. Date of issue:
Tsukurikomi (造り込み) ‒ Shape: hira-zukuri, high iori-mune, scarce fukura
Jihada (地肌) ‒ Forging structure: suguha mixed with notare
Nakago (茎) ‒ Tang: ubu with illegible signature
Jidai (時代) ‒ Era: around Ōei (応永, 1394-1428)
Keitō (系統) ‒ Lineage: Smith from the Uda School based in Etchū province.
Sunpyō (⼨評) ‒ Brief review: From all the Uda smith, this blade appears to be a work
of a smith from the Kunifusa (国房) lineage.