Yasuchika later generation Tiger and the Monk Bukan Tsuba

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Yasuchika Tsuba with motif of the Bukan and his Tiger

The 4th gen. Yasuchika also worked under the name „Nagahide“ (永秀). He bore the first name „Shinsuke“ (新助) and his gō were „Sei´unsai“ (生雲斎) and „Ichirin“ (一隣). It is unknown if the 4th gen. Yasuchika was the son, or a later adopted student, of the 3rd gen. but it is recorded that he also studied under the famous kinkō master Iwamoto Konkan. He later moved to Mito, which we know from signatures Mitojū yondai-me Yasuchika“ (水戸住四代目安親, „4th gen. Yasuchika, resident of Mito“). He worked mainly in katakiribori.

Bukan was a Monk who lived in China during the Tang dynasty, is said to have traveled on the back of a tiger he had tamed, the animal’s ferocity having yielded to the monk’s virtue.