a Yasukuni SHRINE Katana made by Yasunobu With NTHK NPO CERTIFICATE


Excellent WW2 Yasukuni Shrine hand forged Gendaito katana made by Yasunobu.

Mounted in newly made Japanese shirasaya.  It has the original WW2 shingunto koshirae fitted with a wooden tsunagi.  The saya is black lacquered leather showing some wear, The kabuto gane has a silver family kamon.

Yamagata Murakami Yasunobu (“Murakami Yasunobu from Yamagata”)
His real name was Murakami Ensaku before he was a swordsmith and took the name Yasunobu.  Yasukuni katana are very sought after and collectible , It’s becoming quite difficult to find good Yasukuni examples on the market. This katana has been fully professionally restored in Japan and certified and would be a great addition for any gendai or WW2 military / Yasukuni collectors.

The blade has a Nagasa of 2 shaku 2 sun kore ari ‒ Blade length: 66.6 cm

Signed and dated blade
Shōwa Jūgonen kugatsu kichijitsu ‒ Made by “Yasunobu, on a Lucky day in September of 1940.”
The blade is Shinogi-zukuri with iori-mune
Forged in a very dense Ko-Itame
The Hamon is Chu Suguha with some undulations the boshi is sugu with a brief ko-maru-kaeri
The Nakago is ubu has 1 mekugi-ana

Between 1933 and the end of WW2 a forge was operational at the Yasukuni Shrine producing traditionally made swords for high ranking Japanese officers

The forge was known as the Nihonto Tanren Kai.

8100 swords were made during this period by the Yasukuni smiths.

Yasunobu himself was purported to have made approximately 1000 blades.

During and after the war many of these blades were destroyed and the remaining blades have now become an

important part of traditional japanese sword making history.

Murakami Yasunobu whose given name was Ensaku came from Yamagata prefecture where his background was in the manufacture of agricultural tools.

He was awarded his Yasukuni shrine name by the Minister for War Itagaki Sheishiro in 1939.

Yasunobu left the shrine in 1945 after Japan surrendered to the Allied forces.

He won several awards for his work including the Chairmans award in 1944 and donated swords to the Shrine.

This is an excellent example of a Yasukuni sword by a revered maker and it comes complete with its

WW2 gunto mounts.

It has been recently fully polished and comes with new shirasaya and NTHK PAPERS.